Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Via Vienna to Brno and Back -November 2008

Ahoj! It's lucky to have friends around the world - a perfect excuse to travel! At the moment one of my friend study in university of Brno so I had opportunity to visit in Czech to know that second biggest city of it. There are a lot of students in Brno and several international line also (or that's the impression which I get). I can't call Brno as a beutiful city or even pretty but it's fascinating like every old towns. You can spend there few days or week but during that you'r seen mosty all what theres to see. Few museum, few big and several smaller churc, some castels like Castle of Spielperg top of the hill midlle of forest park -and from where you have a great wiev over the city (or you could if it's not too misty like when we were..)

We spend one day at smaller and older city called Olomouc -and that was pretty town! I love this small old cities wich are kept their old faces. There was old astrological clock, same as Prague and we were lucky to be there 12o'clock to see that moving the time. I can recommend Olomouc for everyone. It's truly good spirit town!

Food in Czech was quite much what I expect; fat with cream, cheese, salt and sugar. It wasn't always easy to get vegetarian food and even harder to get healthy food.. but we were only 4 days so we try to enjoy as local food as possible (and didn't think about calories). Beer is most common drink in everywhere there and at Brno there is also few big brewery. We visit only in the brewery restaurant of Starobrno.

And of course we were watscing a hockey game of local team - and they won 7-1!! Yeah! Perhaps because of that the athmosphere was truly amazing. I've image that finnish are hockeypeople but czech are much vigorously!

We fly to Vienna and rent a car from Vienna airport for those four days we spend there. It was easier way to move there with three people and paggages. I drove. It was my first time really drive away from finland and first I was really really nervous... but things went fine and we get finnish speaking navigator into car which help a lot. Vienna is hugh tangle for driver but we handle that ok and czechs motorways are like a colefield comparing finnish plump roads so when speed was nearly 150km/h it feels like you've drive motorboat on the waves.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Roma - september 2008

Roma - I was there and I wish I would still be there...

A Good Trip! Weather was better than fine, whole week was sunny and about +30'C so warm but not too hot. We had plenty of program but we try to take everynting quite easily whitout stress or too tight timetables.

FOOD is so good in Italy - at least if you know the right Restaurants. Definately the best pizza of the word could get from Da Bafetto (Via del Governo Vecchio, 114) And best pasta from Edy (Vicolo del Babuino, 4) Gelato is naturaly good in many gelateria but for me the best place is Giolitti -Definately, every taste are sooo good! Especially cinnamon, yogurt bianco and ACE. Few other very good gelateria are Della Palma (yogurt bianco, raffello..<3) San Crispino (plum and ginger-cinnamon)

Fashion you can't speak same time from finnish shops and italian boutiques... There is just too much and only limited count of money. I found 5 new bag and 3 new high heels, 2 dress and 5 skirt and many nice azessorices <3 But too many tourist shop with nonusefull staff, too many people who want just your money and don't wan't serve you if don't look good. I love Italy and I definately can think to live there but every country, every city and village have also them bad sides.

Very much to see. Mostly I've see before but you never bored to walk around the area of Foro Romano and Palatino, have a picnic at hot and dust Circo Massimo or help people take themself memoryphoto with Colosseum. We visit into many curch and cathedral as well as several crypt and all off those are different, many of them I'll remember always -like Vatican with all those amazing work of Raffaello <3

One week is always too short...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tallinn -August 2008

Worktrip to Tallin and first time of my life I sleep a night at the Old Town of Tallin. Hotel Wana Tallin was situated near "main gate" to Old Town, along the main street and near good small shops but unfortunately I havn't time to make any shoppings :(
We ate dinner in Peppersack where food was good and service was ok but best part of this restaurant is building and its history. I've been there few times before and surely will come again.
Next day we visit in Rocca-al-Mare Open Air museum where I was last year with yoga school. It was ame but now I saw partly different areas and now we ate traditional lunc in museum restaurant. After museum we visit also in Zoo but I don't wan't to write about that. It makes me feel painful sadnes even some of those animals seems to be quite ok. Why don't we have humans behind those bars?
Cruising ships of Tallink was again awfull praxis.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sziget was awsome again -august 2008

Festival area was quite similar as year ago. And even festivals take only 5days I quess there was at least as many people as last. Good party peoples! Life! Colour! Lot of different kind of programs and possibilities, not just music but art, cultur, humanitary, civil activism, performans, theatre, museums, sports, extreme activitys... you could make clothes, paint T-shirts, sing or dance or play some games, there was role playing area and middle age fencing. Best what we seen was Kitonb -group of air acrobats (show was very ambitious with music, lights etc..) , Luminarium, Tarot labyrinth, Extreme climbing track, Marionetdoll -show of one French artist... A lot of, lot of fun for five day! And of course the best; MUSIC! Jamiroquai, R.E.M, Mory Kante, Roisin Murphy...many other on the stages and feral spirit of happening around the party arenas. Best was Meduza at day times; I'm very dissapointed about the main dj's -the music sucks! It was too much drum'n'bass the whole week on the whole area. I understand that some freeks likes to party d'n'b but can't understand why we all should listen that! well.. we still had enough good music, enough festival feelings -actually so much that I quess this was last Sziget at least for few next year...

Monday, June 30, 2008

43 day till Sziget festival...

Time goes very fast at summertime, sun shines and lot of nice happenings. So, festival -and Holiday- are nearly here!

Program at the festival isn't as good as I'd wish but there is enough bands / artists / dj's I like to see -actually if the whole program would be full off my favourities it would be very difficult to choose when to go where -and fact is; we are going to festival, we are spending a holiday, it's not mean to run from place to another whitout any fexibility.. :)

Only it's a little weird that there is so big part of program from 90's...where are all present hitts?!
At least these are still already on my schedule; MGMT, Alanis Morissette, The Presidents of the USA, Jamiroquai, Sex Pistols, Serj Tankian, R.E.M and The Wombats AND mostly want to see Pendulum Live (I've been on the dj gig and that was amazing!)
and of course the yekke yekke Mory Kante ;D
-perhaps I go to see also the finnish bands Alamaailman vasarat (I have no idea what they would play 'cause I've thought they are kind of haevyrock band but now they play on the world music stage) and Apocalyptica even I'm not a fan of that type of music but Hay, they are still finns!
These are on stages at evening time but natyrally we spend all nights dancing in Meduza or PartyArena -only I'm little dissapoint that there aren't any big names, perhaps all are good dj's and had mede a good mix but dj's with their own music like Gigi or Tiesto... Well, I can live with that.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Rainy Day in Tallinn, Estonia

I take a one day free from work 'cause I'd done so much excess hours. That was a tuesday so nearly midlle of the workweek and it really make sooo good and gave extra energy for these last few work days (friday is common national holiday here - it's midsummer eve).

We spend a day in Tallinn, mosty in Old Town - the part of city I prefer most. We had booked treatment packages from Reval Day Spa so we spend 3 hours at spa. I get manicur, pedicur and dermatologic skin analysis, "Star SPA" facial treatment and chemical lash and Brow dyeing with Nutriol Eyelash treatment. Place was peacefull and very nice with light of candels, serene music and rose petals on the treatment pool. Service was custom and they spoke a good english. I really can recommend the place. Only the prices aren too cheap but I think it ok to pay for a good service :)

Negative part duringt this trip was our shipping. We travel for first -and I also hope for last- time by Tallink Star to Tallin and aslo back. The ship is new and clean and nothing bad about that but... I had feeling like I've been on the playstation or in some other plasticreality. Big ship and only handful of people inside of there. And everything was automatic, selfservice. Worst of all was food service. A'la carte was closed and only choice was buffet where only server you met was at the door when you should paid before to go in from thre electric gate. Then palstic trays, disposable dish even wine and beer you should drink from plastic mug (not even plastic wineglass..) I don't wana tell about food but it was awful. Well we weren't hungry after that and we get a good laugh. One thing seems to be ok was sorting for different waste (at least bio and then the rest) but when we had finishd eating and I had -there at table- sort our bio waste and plastics to the different crowds...there suddenly (like from sky) walk one weitress, take both our waste crowds, smile for us and then we look how sho walk straight to the "normal waste box" and push all in :(

What I learn about that... Only the quick will survive!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roma - urbs aeterna

Finally we found a perfect hotel for our week (my birthday week) in Roma. It's near to Spanich Steps so whole city centrum is a walking distance. Fligts are also booked so now we should just wait till end of August...and dream! :)